Politicians And Regulations Are About To End The Startup World

Many trends are shaping our current technologic landscape. However, there is one that everyone keeps ignoring. That’s the collision between the technological and political establishments. Between startups and impeding regulations.

For decades, the technology industry has been evolving at the fringes of the political space. Power circled Washington, and the enemy was the Wall Street club. The forces at work kept bankers on a tight leash. For decades, Wall Street has influenced the country and by extension, the world. That ended in 2016. 

The 2016 US Presidential Elections changed that perception. Suddenly, the political establishment started regarding big technology companies as the new power broker. And with good reason.  

Like a wild vine, tech corporation’s tendrils have extended everywhere. They not only control their core business but myriad other side industries. Such unchecked expansion is creating real shockwaves in the social fabric at a global scale.

The acceleration of automation, AI and other technologies are corroding the pillars of society. And the political sphere just woke up to it. 

We’re entering a time of titanic wars. Politicians are starting to pursue