Weaponizing Artificial Intelligence

Weaponizing Artificial Intelligence

As a strategist, my worse nightmare is the disappearance of facts. Note that I don't say Truth. I consider truth a matter of interpretation. Facts, on the other hand, are immutable. They happened, and there is proof.

But what if that proof wasn't so? What if all you rely on, suddenly became untrustworthy?

As I read the newest Artificial Intelligence news, my skin crawls. The more I read, the more scared I become. I've always been pro-AI. One thing though is talking about the future; a different matter is living it. I'm staring into the beast's eyes, feeling its rancid breath and I'm wetting my pants.

The more I piece the little AI crumbles together, the more frightening the picture becomes. Weeks ago I wrote about how fake news was a massive problem. Not because of the propaganda, which has existed forever, but because of the scale of distribution.

I never said anything about the content itself because, to date, fake news is rather elementary. Detecting lies and uncovering them is a matter of basic investigation. However, doing this at scale is a real problem. And