It’s time to set up your organization’s Intelligence Unit

Some days ago, new evidence showed up in the Uber's Waymo case. I won't talk about the situation per se, but what came to light was shocking.

Richard Jacobs, former head of Uber's Global Intelligence unit, explains in a formal letter, how Uber's Intelligence operations work.

The letter is worth reading. It covers, not only Uber's Intelligence unit's structure but what they did and how. Some revelations are shocking due to their illegality. Others are striking because of how advanced they are.

Uber's Intelligence operations went from data leak protection to counterintelligence, cyber attacks, covert operations and infiltration. The list is exhaustive.

I won't delve into the illegality of Uber's acts. Nor I'll defend them. What impressed me, above all, was the level of sophistication of the whole operation.

As I've mentioned before, our current world is highly connected. Such global stage enables world competition on a scale we haven't seen before. Business, as usual, doesn't cut it anymore. I've argued that to survive in the current competitive landscape, data and intelligence is a must.

Within this frame, having an Intelligence unit