When the current tech talent isn’t enough

When the current tech talent isn’t enough

Technology is becoming ubiquitous in any company, but not all companies use technology in the same way. Some organizations use technology to aid their processes. Others make technology their core business.

Using technology to support your business is not enough anymore. The market is demanding more complex products and services, products that require sophisticated approaches that most companies aren't able to provide. Only the use of advanced technology can render such products.

Digital Transformation isn't a new trend; it's the tax of doing business. No matter your industry, your size or your market. Not moving technology to the core of your operations will kill your business in the next few years.

But digital transformation assumes there is enough technical talent in the market. There isn't. New incumbents need to fight, not only with the technology corporates but with a massive drought of talent.

The use of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning algorithms and data aggregation is becoming critical